Why You Should be Worried About Walls

We all build and design our homes – as well as fill them, of course – with all manner of looks and touches to help create that perfect first impression. We want our properties to really leap out at our guests to show exactly who we are, what we’re into and what keeps us going. For many people, a home is an extension of a personality – and this is certainly the case if you have enough time to safely invest in the refurbishment or redesign of a house or apartment. But what is the first element you notice when you walk into someone’s home? Décor, certainly – but as any luxury builders London and elsewhere will tell you, you’re going to need to think about the four walls that surround you when you’re looking into designing or refurbishing your ideal property.

Why is this? Walls are not just foundations – they set the scene. They help to create atmosphere and can even give a sense of warmth, or can promote a certain feel or conceit. Many people are happy to lead with basic papering or paint – and this is certainly great for a lot of people – but others go all out with feature walls, photo collages, unique structuring and more besides. There’s even a current trend in construction between luxury builders London and beyond right now in terms of glass manufacture and fitting – for the ultimate in breaking down barriers. What you put on your walls is up to you – but the foundations you lay down for their design from the word go is just as important.

Consider the type of atmosphere you are looking to cultivate. There are plenty of paints and finishes you could use to create a certain type of space – whether you’re looking to tile a kitchen, paint the kids’ bedrooms a certain look or are in the mood for something deep, warm and slightly mysterious in the lounge – but there are a wealth of other options you could be taking to really put your homestead apart from the rest from the word go – before you even set foot in the property. This goes for your external walls, too!

The word on the street – as luxury builders London homes rely upon will tell you – is cladding. Whether through means of reclaimed brick, authentic wood panelling or otherwise, there seems to be no better way right now in creating a cunning atmosphere than through building your own feature walls from scratch with authentic materials. You can easily create a walled log cabin look with the right wood – lined up and applied in the right way – and many homes and cottages lead with authentic weathered stone to help emblazon the outside of a property. Cladding is also a great way to create a certain look of ‘homeliness’. Many contemporary businesses and cafes plaster their walls in urban brick slips that are authentically claimed – to give the impression that their building has been set up from scratch. It’s a very enticing look to the right people.

While you may think elements such as carpeting, staircases or even lighting and window fixtures are the first things that strike you upon walking into a home for the first time, don’t overlook the walls. While we all use them slightly differently, you could create your own unique look and atmosphere from scratch from early on in the design process – whether setting up from scratch or refurbishing. Don’t go mad for magnolia unless it’s within your favourite range of colours and themes – let’s find a unique twist that works for you and your guests.