It seems like the world and his wife are renovating or refurbishing their homes right now.  And why not?  It never hurts to give your home that little bit of a change, particularly if you are considering extending your property, boosting your house value or are even looking to change the whole atmosphere of your living space.  We understand why people want to renovate, and what it is they are looking from in terms of luxury interior design and construction.  As luxury builders London families rely upon for brilliant, unique creations that reflect their personalities as well as their lifestyles, we’re in a position to recommend many different tricks and techniques – and glass, by far, is one of our favourite materials to use.

No matter what you want or need from a home renovation, refurbishment or even a simple extension, glass is far from the unobtainable luxury.  We’re able to introduce toughened glass into a variety of installations and design choices, and it’s not hard to understand why so many people are going wild for that special transparent look.  Glass is a natural friend to light – meaning that you can illuminate any room with an existing source of natural sunlight with just a few changes to walls, doors and partitions – by transforming them with stunning contemporary glass.


Glass is still seen as a rather luxury item in home design, and while it has been a large part of commercial design for some years, it’s very much heading the list of homeowners’ wants when it comes to the perfect refurbishment.  Glass is a versatile, flexible material that can be shaped, morphed and worked into an almost unlimited series of shapes and styles, meaning that it’s particularly useful for bespoke creations and unique design choices.  Furthermore, its’ extremely easy to work with.  Any luxury builders London and elsewhere will tell you that glass is an absolute pleasure to manufacture and design with as it is so formless and versatile in home design.


Glass creates an almost unlimited amount of space.  While rooms can be walled in by solid partitions or brickwork, a glass door or wall offers complete transparency.  Used in areas where privacy is not necessarily top of the agenda, you can transform a living room or lounge into an expansive and impressive entertainment suite.  Glass flooring, doors and more are also hugely popular on the extensions market, meaning that if you’re keen to build a greenhouse or entertaining area that really emphasises room and space to breathe, you can do far worse than choose glass as your overriding material in construction.


Glass is no longer the fragile material it’s assumed to be.  In our construction projects, the glass we used is specifically toughened to withstand everyday use, everyday challenges and can even support weight in staircase and flooring installations.  We personally think that the material, while a luxury commodity, should be available to any homeowners who really want to emphasise light, space and to amaze their guests.  Glass is strong, resilient, and is a deciding factor for many when it comes to creating some of the most bespoke home designs going.  Certainly, from our point of view, there are few alternatives that bring contemporary style and luxury to homes of all shapes and sizes – and we’ll help you to find the best ways to use glass for your needs, wants and future valuations.


EWG Construction are luxury builders London households turn to for advice, consultation and construction projects – from refurbishment to extensions and complex redesigns, our team will be happy to show you how glass can revolutionise your home atmosphere in just a few panels.  Call us or email us today with no obligation to learn more.