Why Forgetting About Insulation Could Be a Big Mistake

When it comes to renovations or refurbishments – whether building up from scratch or making the most of what’s already available – it’s often very easy to get distracted by what you’re bringing in rather than what you should be keeping as standard. Whether you are in the market to renovate a kitchen, a loft space, a lounge or living room, it is becoming increasingly cost-effective to provision and maintain some form of insulation – whether in your walls or in your loft. Insulation has been offered as standard with many houses and homes for some years now but there may be a few occasions where it gets forgotten amid trying to bring an old house up to scratch – you shouldn’t just be focusing on the look of your home but also on its practicality.

A warm home is, of course, a functional one – and the more preparations put in place to ensure that everything is cosy before you have to switch on the central heating the better. Refurbishment homes that rely on heat from sources such as standard wall radiators run the risk of wasting energy, particularly as energy generated and expelled in this way can easily escape through draughts and gaps in windows and doors – and, further to this, unless your home is already fitted with a source of radiant heat such as underfloor heating, it is going to take you a long time to get your rooms comfortable and cosy. This is why it is always important to factor in something as relatively simple as insulation when taking on renovations.

Insulation – whether acting as a barrier against radiant heat in the summer or providing you with extra padding in the winter – is simple to arrange for and is even easier to work around. There are many councils up and down the UK who offer this type of heat protection as standard, while you can also easily prepare a loft for insulation with just a few touches. The most popular reason for homeowners opting for an approach to insulation – renovating or otherwise – is not necessarily to keep warm, but to save money.

Insulation provides your home with that added amount of base warmth that you can benefit from before having to top up with radiators, central heating or otherwise. While many older homes will likely be fitted with the basics in house heating, they may take longer to warm up and to therefore transform into more efficient and functional households. Therefore, if you are considering renovating a derelict or old property into something else entirely, it will be well worth your time and money, in the long run, to consider applying insulation in one form or another to prepare your refurbishment property for the cold snaps ahead.

Insulation helps to save you money on energy – it has been proven across the board that a warmer home from the get-go requires less of a heat top-up from electricity or gas. This is no complex equation – insulation in the short term will save you money in the long term on your energy bills, and modern renovations around the world are looking to move towards wall and attic insulation to ensure that they spend less per quarter on their energy.

Therefore, it’s always worth considering your basic comforts and your long term expenditure before getting into renovations or refurbishment – particularly as the modern home should be one which works as much for the owner as the owner works for it in return! For more tips on how to prepare for refurbishment and things you should keep an eye out for, take a closer look at our blog or contact us for more information!