It Might Be Summer – But Now’s The Time To Warm Up Your Interiors

Summer comes and goes so quickly it’s hardly worth buying sun lotion at all – and while many of us are more than ready to set up our homes so that we can enjoy our gardens, conservatories and balconies in the sunshine and clement weather, it remains to be said that brilliant weather – in Britain, at least – comes along a minority of the year.  Therefore, it’s down to us as homeowners to make sure that we offer a good balance – that we make sure our homes are just as ready for the cold snap as they are for sunny days and light breezes.

It’s a sad fact that, generally, balconies and the like will go unused once November really kicks in.  That’s why it may be worth investing in a covered solution – one which can be opened up during good weather and sealed away when things get a little chilly.  It’s a further sad fact that many of us with balconies leave them to freeze up over the winter and don’t really start using them again until March rolls around – and even then, April and May this year have had more than a few chilly days to throw at us.

As we’re approaching the end of summer – we’re not being pessimistic, it’s the truth – it’s high time that we start thinking about how we are going to keep warm in the cold months ahead.  If you’re currently in the market for interior redesign or are in the process of designing or bringing a new home to life, you should really start thinking about how practical your new build is going to be when Britain starts getting even more British in terms of dropping temperatures.

We’re not saying that you should start installing dusty old radiators or make your glass extra thick – while double or triple-glazing is certainly recommended – as there are a number of contemporary things you can do to help warm up in the cold weeks and months to come.

Consider, first of all, wood interiors – wood is naturally warm, and the log cabin look is still very much in vogue.  Whether you opt for simple cladding our out-and-out panel the interior of your lounge and bedrooms, wood has both a physical and psychological benefit when it comes to combatting the cold.  Keep it away from floors unless you like being woken up with a chill running right up your spine, however.


Speaking of floors, the best way to combat cold toes is underfloor heating.  These systems are becoming easier and easier to set up and they are remarkably cost-effective long term.  Essentially, this modern method of heating up a home can ensure that you have complete control over radiant heat beneath your feet at all times – and while it can come with a fair upfront cost, you’ll save money based on the fact that you’ll only ever use it when you need.

Insulation – we’ve talked about this recently in a previous blog – but insulating your loft areas and your walls has never been more important, nor more cost-effective.  We genuinely recommend you look in to insulating as much of your new build as you can – and even improving your existing home where possible.

Finally, who doesn’t love a fireplace?  Authentic wood-burning fireplaces are extremely popular right now – they’re seen as extremely outdoorsy and vintage, meaning that if a modern look is your aim, a big, powerful fire installation will do more than keep you cosy – it’ll keep your home looking in vogue all year round – even when it’s not in use.