How to Start Making Your London House a Home

Whatever it is, some homes have it.

Whether an open plan penthouse apartment or a snug country style cottage, some properties seem to just have that warm and welcoming vibe. They have the astounding ability to make you feel at home, even when you’re not, and give off an instantaneously inviting aura.

A house in London can be any basic dwelling, from a one room bedsit, suburban family home, or an extensively grand and opulent property with grounds and room for a pony. To many, the form of house doesn’t really matter; providing it’s practical for your needs and offers everything you want to live a comfortable life, it’s what happens on the inside of a house that can turn it into a home.

If you’ve recently taken the plunge and purchased your first home, congratulations! But now all the mortgage application process is over and the stress of moving is finally behind you, your attention now needs to be focused on styling your beloved new home.

Purchasing any property should be seen as a positive investment, and to make that investment truly yours, it’s often worth spending time and effort into really thinking about how you can utilise your spaces effectively and if any major changes need to be made in order for your house to become a free flowing and comfortable home for you and your family to enjoy.

There’s no doubting that you will have your own set ideas on colour schemes and soft furnishings, how you want your kitchen to sit and feel, and the atmosphere you want to try and create within your four walls however, many people find it difficult putting their ideas into practise and often find themselves frustrated when things don’t turn out quite how they’d hoped.

One way of confidently avoiding this is to employ the service of reputable renovation companies. Now, there are a vast number of renovation companies in London so take your time to find one that offers the very best service. There is a huge difference between good London builders and an excellent London Builder; an excellent London renovation company will offer a consultation service, bringing your ideas to life and open up new possibilities along the way. They will also tell you with confidence if your ideas are both practical and possible, while having an impressive portfolio of completed work for you to be inspired by.

As with anything, the devil is in the detail and with property renovation and home interiors, this rule is more than applicable. To make any house a home, London or beyond, it’s the quality of workmanship and the quality of the end product that counts; everything from the shape of your kitchen worktops to the cut of your window dressings, to the trinkets and bows you choose to display.

Imagine coming home at the end of a busy day and being able to surround yourself with perfectly formed furnishings, unwinding in and elegantly designed bathroom and having strategically placed lighting to help lift your mood. Sounds good doesn’t it? And it is achievable, you’ve just got to know where to start.

Whether your home is in need of a spruce up, or whether you’ve taken on a full renovation project, getting in the experts is always the best place to start. Openly discussing your plans with an experienced renovation company specialising in property development and refurbishment is the number one way to avoid mistakes and to begin making your ideal home a reality.