Got a Loft? Why not convert it?

Many of us living in two to three storey homes will likely have a loft or attic space that simply isn’t being used – it’s quite easy to miss sometimes!  The attic is generally used for all the storage and bric-a-brac you have trouble fitting in elsewhere in the home – and anything that goes up there rarely comes out.  They are perhaps second only to the basement as the least-loved room in the home (barring any airing cupboards) – but we think they could do with a little more love, and we don’t mean by throwing more of your clothes and unwanted Christmas presents up there!


Property developers know that any opportunity to convert is a good one indeed.  As many home throughout the UK will possess a loft hatch of some kind, there’s a very good chance that many of these spaces are simply being used to store items or to hold insulation – certainly, no two loft spaces are the same – but there is much to be said for considering converting your attic space into something more useful and a little more palatable.  Can you envision inviting guests up into your loft as it currently stands?  Perhaps not – then again, let’s consider what you can do to make that space a little more spectacular.  As designers and builders London families depend upon for architectural advice and project consultation, we have more than a few ideas on how to make a loft conversion work for you.


One of the most popular choices for loft conversions is a guest room.  While many homes will have two or three bedrooms, these can often be occupied by children and many of us therefore don’t have the luxury of a separate study or room for us to put our guests up in for the night!  A fantastic loft conversion can transform your attic into a liveable and enjoyable spare room for guests to sleep in without fear of dripping pipes or dusty floorboards!  As property developers will know, an effective loft conversion is one which blends in with the style and atmosphere of the rest of a home, along with providing plenty of light, heat and comfort.  You’ll be surprised just how cosy a loft can be become with a few design tweaks here and there!


Loft conversions, too, can still be used for storage!  However, they can be used in a much smarter way – meaning the days of throwing odd boxes up there are over.  Builders London and beyond will be able to construct and install practical, great-looking storage units that show off collections – a storage room where you can host guests or maybe even get away into to relax on occasion.  You could even convert your loft or attic into a study or office – somewhere far from the rest of the house where you can get a bit of peace and quiet and can focus on any work you may need to complete.


As experienced builders London families turn to for loft conversions, we have seen all manner of ideas and plans come to life – and we really think that an attic space left alone is a huge waste!  If you’re struggling for space, need a quiet room for work or simply need to house a few guests occasionally, why not open your neglected spaces for something a little more productive – or something that may even add value to your home?  EWG Construction’s teams have the know-how and the strategies – call us today and we will help to revamp and redesign your loft for any means or purpose.