For years, the idea of an extension to a home has been thought of as something rather luxurious – even a simple conservatory has eluded many of us who just aren’t that into plants!  However, as housing trends and tastes in interior design have transformed over the years, it’s safe to say that the way we treat our houses has changed somewhat, too.  It’s no longer considered particularly taboo in terms of cost or feasibility to opt for an extension to your home that benefits your family, your guests and the value of your property.

More and more people are finding new and interesting ways to transform their home for a host of different reasons.  As luxury builders London homes and families turn to for ideas and physical support, we are more than happy to show our clients the different ways through which they can revamp their existing properties.

One of the main reasons people opt for extensions is related to family size – often when a couple are welcoming a new child they may wish to account for an additional room, a nursery or playroom – and as many homes can only offer so much space, it is now considered more cost-effective to consult luxury builders London and elsewhere for design and physical support.  The best thing about signing up with a luxury building firm for such matters is that you will still retain complete control over your bespoke project.  Our philosophy is to both keep you at the heart of every step of the design process and to make sure that we really bring your creations and desires to life.

You don’t always need to create a family to create an extension.  Many families who approach us for support simply need additional space to work in – an extra study or office space can be invaluable to many people, whether or not they are in education or if they are lucky enough to be able to work from home!  The beauty of an office extension lies in its versatility – you can even introduce a workspace-cum-garden area that allows you to work with the added assistance of natural light.  No matter how complex you need your interior or exterior extension to be, we will always be happy to help create something incredible for you that is unique to your home and your personality.

Many people also love to entertain via extensions to their property – there is absolutely nothing stopping you consulting luxury builders London or elsewhere to enquire about introducing a standalone entertainment suite or conservatory where you can wine and dine with friends and family at your leisure.  Ultimately, too many of us buy homes without realising what we may want in the long term – our circumstances change, our tastes alter, and so do trends in interior design and in house valuation.  Not many of us go into buying a property thinking that an extension will be introduced – but for many people, an extension can become an essential facet.

Here at EWG Construction, we are proud to provide a team of expert luxury builders London homes and families depend upon for superb support and expertise on all matters extensions.