Common mistakes to avoid when building your dream home!

In a world where wants and needs have become interchangeable, many people are deciding to build homes that does not only fit their need for shelter, but also complements their style and vision of what a home should look and feel like. Therefore a dream home can be defined as a representation of the builder or owner’s choices and decisions on what the external and internal structure should be.

When it comes to building a dream home, it is extremely important to understand that everyone has a different idea with unique vision on what constitutes an ideal home. From elegant and stylish bungalows and duplexes nestled on London’s inner city to magnificent 10,000 sq. ft. mansions located on the outskirts of greater London, the dream home construction opportunities are simply limitless for any builder or home owner out there.

While there are thousands of examples of successful dream homes completed, there are just as many situations of the same that have either never reached completion or turned out wonky, due to some avoidable mistakes that weren’t taken into consideration!


  1. Overbuilding or Underbuilding For The Community:

Most communities have an assortment of homes built to a specification that is often regarded as the norm in that area. It is important that you build a home that is the exact specification or a little larger than it. E.g.; If the average home in the community is built on 3,500 sq. ft., consider building at that exact measurement or up to 1000 sq. ft. larger. Never consider building smaller.

  1. Hiring The Wrong Builder:

This is the single most common mistake that could end up marring the construction process of your dream home. Ensure that you interview and review the credentials of up to 5 builders before making the decision to hire one for your project.  Spending time planning and reviewing potential builders will most certainly help you make the right decision

  1. Failing to Secure Construction Loan Financing:

Before planning or designing your home project, ensure that you secure financing first. This is because, securing loan financing makes it easier for you to plan and design your home without going over your budget.

  1. Designing a Home Without Mass Appeal

When designing your dream home, you get an urge to make it as unique & different from every other home in the area as possible. While there is nothing entirely wrong with this, it becomes a problem if you are building within a budget and would like to sell your home in the future. Extremely unique homes are incomparable and hard to value in a community of average design homes and as such they become much more difficult to sell.

While there are a couple of other avoidable mistakes, the aim of this post is to highlight and proffer solutions to the most common ones that have plagued custom dream home projects for years, so you don’t fall victim!