Building The Future With An Extension

With house prices in London continuing to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to climb that steep property ladder. Not only are soaring house prices an issue, but the cost of moving house also play a burdening factor on anyone who has outgrown their existing home and needs to find more space for their expanding families.

From stamp duties, arrangement fees, estate agency costs, solicitor involvements for both buying and selling, as well as calling in the surveyors, the finances needed to fund a successful house move can sometimes be astronomical, so it’s hardly surprising that more and more London property owners are choosing to stay put and extend on the homes they already have.

Rather than uprooting their entire families and putting themselves under an enormous financial strain, families across the UK are now finding that adding extra rooms to their existing home is less of a costly burden and eliminates those stressful moments often associated with the whole house buying and selling process.

Making defined structural changes not only fit in perfectly with the needs of you and your growing desire for more space, but a well planned property extension will undoubtedly add value to your home. Extra bathrooms and larger kitchens are always a good investment, as is an extra bedroom or second reception room. Considered as a wise investment an extension of any size or shape is a major project to undertake and should be handled with care and due diligence

Quite different from internal home improvements, building an extension comes with it’s own complications; conforming to specified building regulations to project management and creating realistic time scales is something which any home owner could quite easily find overwhelming. Not only that, you need to also look at creating a new space which is in keeping with your home, something which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, an extension which serves its purpose while sitting comfortably in its surroundings.

The only way to make sure you’re making the best of your intentions is to call in a local London renovation company. Not only can an established renovation company offer you a comprehensive guide into what you can and cannot achieve with the outdoor space you have, they can also offer you a realistic insight into costs, fitting in with those regulations, and bring in new ideas which could enhance your property further, making your home work better around you and what you’re hoping to achieve.

If you’ve reached the point where your property is no longer big enough, and you’re struggling to decide whether a complete house move or an adventure into home improvements is best for you and your family, book a consultation with a reputable building company in London to explore the possibilities. Discuss in depth what you need from your London home with a professional, and a dependable renovation expert will be able to come up with plans, ideas, and exciting ways to maximise your space without compromising on the finer detail. Showing you different ways in which to extend your London property, you could be in for a pleasant surprise by the outcome and discover how just a simple extension could reap a huge amount of positive benefits and enhance your lifestyle.