Fantastic weather is here at last, and while it may be a little late to make any major adjustments to your home before it’s due to cloud up again, there’s plenty of reasons why you should consider bringing in a brilliant balcony or marvellous mezzanine to make the most of the sunshine for months to come. Balconies in particular are hugely popular with modern homeowners and homebuyers – they’re very attractive to families and individuals looking to entertain on a regular basis, for one, and for another, they offer spectacular views of the great outdoors.

The perfect balcony installation for you is one which gives you a vantage point and all the space you need – whether you opt for a small, standing Juliet balcony, or a more extensive walk-along or patio model, there’s something refreshing and captivating about being able to look out over your garden or yard without having to leave your property. Balconies and mezzanine floors can do wonders for homes of all shapes and sizes – it’s a minor extension that’s easy to set up and which can be tailored to your particular needs and tastes.

Not all balconies have to be wrought iron or based on classical, ornate design – glass and steel balconies and balustrades are very much in vogue right now, and what’s more, they can be produced and installed in a range of styles and colours to complement your existing home design or to stand out amongst the crowd. Everyone loves a good balcony – it’s a big selling point for many people – meaning that whether you’re taking advantage of an installation for your own enjoyment or to boost the value of your home, it may be time to start looking at the various options opening up to you – no matter the season!