Autumn’s Here – Get Ready for Summer!

As soon as September rolls around, we all start to get that familiar feeling – it’s time to put away the shorts and the ice cubes and it’s time to roll out the sweaters and to switch on the central heating. Autumn and winter aren’t all bad – particularly if your home is set up with the best in heating or underfloor warmth – but, believe it or not, the best thing to do when considering home design and refurbishment in autumn and winter is to start thinking about next summer – as bizarre as that may sound! Luckily, luxury builders London and beyond can help you to make decisions that will really stack up well in the warmer months yet to roll around again.

This is because things you may need to implement for the months and seasons ahead could take considerable planning and design. Think about all the factors that you’ll need to take into account for the perfect home in summer – how well-ventilated is your property? Do you have a fully-working air conditioner? If you have underfloor heating, do you have underfloor cooling? These are all things to consider – and when it comes to renovating a property or designing a whole new build from scratch, they are all factors you may wish to take into account if you’re likely to feel the heat of a particularly humid summer to come.

Many people really take advantage of the good weather and implement full extensions to their properties to ensure that they can get out and enjoy the sunshine to the fullest – for example, sun houses, conservatories and even garden offices make for superb, airy add-on rooms that luxury builders London and elsewhere can easily implement and maintain for you. In fact, these are some of the most common requests made by homeowners interested in a bright and breezy property – and, if you are yet to enjoy the benefits of a cool home, they may well be worth your while.

Air conditioning is a definite boon for all whom enjoy it! Planning for ventilation and an extensive home AC system can take time and effort – meaning that you will be better suited to making arrangements sooner rather than later. There is nothing worse than getting caught in the full heat of the summer with a full AC system to set up and maintain – it’s just not great planning! Therefore, it’s always worth getting in touch with luxury builders London and beyond to help you realise your dream ventilation system.

For the more extravagant of home design proposals, you can even consider pool or Jacuzzi installations – these are no longer considered inaccessible by lower budgets and, while still considered luxury, can be designed for homes of varying shapes and sizes. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own pool or tub set up to enjoy when the weather gets warm, the best time to start thinking about it is now – when you’re likely thinking about trying to keep warm instead!

It may sound like a fairly odd premise – but if you’re invested in adapting your home for cool weather in the months ahead, the best time to start thinking about pools, extensions, AC systems and more besides is the autumn and winter – don’t let cardigans and underfloor heating distract you from setting up your home for the hot summer yet to come. Whether you’re sat with snow up to your neck or if you’re enjoying hot chocolate in the middle of December, start thinking about your summer home now and get ahead of the game – and let luxury builders London and beyond help you!