Time to Start Thinking About Natural Light

Good weather seems to be on its way at last, and – for many people – that means making a few changes around the home. While those who wish to adapt their properties to make way for sunshine and light breezes may have started looking at such issues late last year, there’s never a bad time to start thinking about how you can adapt your home to make better use of the great weather that’s on its way. With the nights getting longer, it’s likely that you’re going to want to let in more natural light. It’s not just healthier for you, it helps to create a greater sense of space and calm – and if there’s anything that can help to bring natural light into your property, it’s taking things down as opposed to putting new fixtures up.

We’ve talked about the importance of glass in home design in previous blogs and it’s something we are going to stand by for years to come – glass is flexible, versatile and can be used to ensure that all rooms and levels of your home receive the same level of natural light. Some of the best things you can do to let the sunshine in, are, arguably, think about extending your patio doors, installing skylights and making your garden the centrepiece of your home. In our experience, there is also plenty to be said for taking elements out of your home design, too. Consider the removal of certain walls and partitions – anything that is likely to block the path of natural light, or which is likely to make your home more ‘stuffy’ or impersonal, needs to be adjusted!

As any luxury builders worth their salt will tell you – the perfect home design starts with you. We aim to work closely with each and every one of our customers in an effort to refurbish or design a home from scratch which makes the most of their environment.