If you’re in the process of starting to plan and fund your dream home or refurbishment, it can be more than tempting to put all of your ideal touches and notions down on paper. After all, it’s very likely that you are already excited about going ahead with such a project – who could blame you for taking steps to broadening your imagination on the topic? However, a question many people ask before approaching a builder or construction expert is “should I already have my dream home planned out?” The short answer is, of course – not at all – but ideas will certainly help!

Construction and building designers and experts are here to help you plan out your dream living space to the letter. This means that, while you may not have a head for all the practical figures that go into ensuring that you have your floor plan and all the fixtures and fittings in between put in the right place, an expert you hire to bring your home design to life certainly will. It’s their role to help take your ideas – in shorthand, written down or otherwise – and to help realise them in a practical and sustainable manner. Going into a new build or refurbishment project with too detailed a plan can actually be to your detriment – as, unless you have a very clear idea about the measurements and figures you’re dealing with, you may well be forced to trim back a few of the ideas you’ve put forward. How disappointing would this be?

The answer is pleasing – do always have a good idea about what you want from your dream home – go crazy with ideas! Make notes on just about everything – but do always bear in mind that it’s the role of a construction or design expert to help you mould these notions into a physical, workable installation.